“Replica is concerned with the act of surveillance, but also with its effect on people. There is, of course, the surveilled, whose life gets picked through by strangers. But there is also the person tasked with going through the intimate details of a stranger’s life. That work is taxing in its own way. Just because your life isn’t being picked apart doesn’t mean it won’t be affected. In the end, surveillance picks apart everyone’s life, and Replica will watch it take its toll.” – by 

You can read the full article in KILL SCREEN.

렛츠놈(RETSNOM) 한글 버전을 준비 중입니다.

안녕하십니까. 렛츠놈(RETSNOM)을 사랑해주시는 여러분.
게임 창작자 소미(Somi)입니다.


대한민국의 개발자로서, 자국어를 포함하지 않는 게임을 만든다는 것은 참으로 가슴 아픈 일입니다. 심의, 제도적 장벽, 게임분야 전반에 대한 부정적 인식 등 이유를 말하고자 한다면 결코 간단하게 기술할 수 없는 변명꺼리들이 있습니다만,
‘그럼에도 불구하고 한글 버전을 만들어야 한다’고 생각했습니다. 사실이 아니라 개인의 당위적 판단입니다.

한글 버전은 이미 완성되어 있었습니다. 언어를 선택할 수 있는 메뉴를 활성화하느냐의 문제일 뿐이죠. 게임 외적으로 필요한 절차를 모두 거친 후, ‘정식 한글판’을 근시일 내에 서비스하겠습니다.

제 게임을 아껴주시는 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다.
성원해주신 은혜에 보답할 수 있는 1인 개발자, 대한민국 인디개발자가 되겠습니다.

감사합니다. 꾸벅!

RETSNOM is a finalist in the INDIE STREAM FES 2015

I’m so excited to announce that RETSNOM is selected as a finalist in the INDIE STREAM FES 2015!


There’s 11 nominees including RETSNOM.

  • AGARTHA -  神奈川電子技術研究所
  • dreeps -  夜間飛行
  • Dungeons & Darkness -  闇討ちProject
  • Fish: An Atmospheric Adventure Game -  Fish
  • 伝説の旅団 -  Oink Games
  • Link:The Unleashed Nexus -  Reminisce
  • RETSNOM -  Somi
  • 汐(SHE) -  Coconut Island Studio
  • The elevator -  CottonGame
  • The Swords -  Sunhead Games
  • Thumper -  Drool

The results will be announced on September 19th, 2015 at the INDIE STREAM FES. Wish me luck!

RETSNOM Update Released (Ver. 1.24)


Bug fixes:
  • Rabbit doll is more difficult to get in Level 20.(Sorry about that)
  • Added more zombies in Level 24.(Don’t be afraid. They are your friends)
  • More check points in Level 16, 18, 31.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to suicide button.
  • More accurate time accumulation.
New features:
  • Stage clear status is shown on each world screen.
  • You can see how many times you died when you clear levels.

RETSNOM Update Released(ver. 1.2)


I’m Somi. I really appreciate your input on my game. Especially many player’s opinion about ‘Level skipping’ and ‘Repetitive stages’ gave me a lot of thought to the matter. And finally, I’ve decided to reform the game system.

Version 1.2 Update is released.


All stages in each worlds are open after you clear the first stage except for the the last stage.
The last stages can be opened when more than 9 stages are cleared(more than 6 stages in the world 5).
It means that you can skip some stages which are much too difficult or not fun.

I hope you like the updated version. And if you have any opinion or question about RETSNOM, don’t hesitate to ask to me.

Thank you so much.


DEV LOG #7 – Map Button Added!

Hello, my lovely fans.
I really thank you for buying and playing the game. I hope you like it.
As an one-man indie developer, it’s really difficult for me to get interest of press about my game. Since the release date, I’ve been going through tough days to promote it, but there’s no one who cares about my game only except you.
But I know that it’s just the beginning and I can make it better in the end.
Please wish me luck. I’ll do my utmost.

스크린샷 2015-08-10 오후 4.38.01Bug fixes: 

  • Set Gun shooting SFX volume down (ver. 1.13)
  • Fixed the movement in the air to be more smooth (ver. 1.13)
  • Level 15 is almost different from the previous design. There’s no more level named ‘DOTS’ but ‘SOS’. (ver. 1.13)
  • Fixed a bug related to the Music Volume control. (ver. 1.12)
  • Fixed the door in the third hidden stage. (ver. 1.12)
  • Changed a few texts on the background images(names of worlds & the functions of mirrors). (ver. 1.12)
  • Changed a map design in Level 1 that caused so many deaths. (ver. 1.11)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player respawned in dead status. (ver. 1.11)
  • Deleted one of check points in Level 5 to make it more interesting. (ver. 1.11)
  • Shooting a gun is faster than before. (ver. 1.11)
  • Fixed a few bugs related to the background music length. (ver. 1.11)

New features: 

  • Map button added. (ver. 1.14)
  • Press Shooting button to cancel the mirror effect. (ver. 1.11)
  • Tips are shown while loading scenes are on screen. (ver. 1.11)


  1. Thank you very much. Thanks to @Godivan for lots of advice.
    2. If you have any ideas or recommendations about RETSNOM, don’t hesitate to tell me. You can change the game as you wish.


After 1 year and 2 months of making my game RETSNOM, I’ve finally developed a complete package of it. So excited!!!


그리고, 두려움이 점점 더 커진다. 이 게임에 오랜 시간을 들여 담아 놓은 내 생각과 추억들이 헛되다는 평가를 받을까 불안하다. 내가 좋아하는 세계를 만들고 그곳에 사람들을 초대한다면, 그보다 기쁜 일이 없다고 생각했지만. 초대한 사람과 초대받은 사람 간의 감정은 얽히고 누군가는 실망과 상처를 받게 되겠지. 대인배인척 미사여구를 늘어뜨려 봐도 나는 변함없이 나다.

컴플렉스와 노이로제로 뭉친 유약한 성마름.