Dev Log #4 – I’ve added some new features.

Hello, It’s been a week since the last news update. I’ve updated DEMO build from 0.73 to 0.8, and here’s some improvements. 1. Removed the weight of jumping. You might feel more responsive than before. 2. Added more Checkpoints. You don’t need to restart from the beginning again and again. 3. Removed Timer because it means…

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Dev Log #3 – New screenshots and demo update news

Hello, everyone who follows this blog. I’m SOMI, the lazy, solo developer. First of all, I really thank you all for your support. And I want you to know that the development is on-going even though there’s no post about it. It’s been about 50 days since the first day of the Steam green light post. I…

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Dev Log #2 – DEMO Updated!(ver. 0.7)

Bugs fixed(Features enhanced) Got rid of Every Slowness BGM stopping bug fixed Changed preview level from 16 to 12 ‘Door opening’ and ‘Going upstairs’ is consecutive you can SEE WIDE with W or S keys when you RUN You can SKIP all tutorials Shortened the life of zombies There’s more tiny things, but I don’t…

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Dev Log #1 – The forth world

I’ve been working on new stages in the forth world. Here’s some screenshots of them. 1. Flip up and down, left and right. 2. You can fly using the flipped areas. Due to my own business, the progress of the development is very slow. However I think I’m over the major hurdles and I’m working on…

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An article about RETSNOM at

RETSNOM – Solve the Mysteries of Your Reflection or Bash Your Own Head In “It’s the kind of puzzle game where creative minds could do some really neat things, so if you want some more personal input from your puzzle platformers than something with a more ‘set’ solution, you should look into it”  – Joel Couture of

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Interview with HAO GAMERS

‘Mirrors twist the world in Retsnom, Steam Greenlight’s weirdest addition’




“I consider myself to be rather difficult to impress, but there’s no other word to describe how I felt after meeting one-man developer Somi and chatting about his upcoming game Retsnom.”  – from