OOI 2015 showcase official selection!


RETSNOM is a part of the official selection for Out Of Index 2015 showcase!

And here’s the list of OOI 2015 games.

– Dissonance (Team Dissonance, US)
– Donut County (Ben Esposito, US)
– Synonymy (Christopher Jarvis, US)
– Not Everything is Flammable (DAM, US)
– Plug & Play (Etter Studio, Switzerland)
– Panoramical (Ramallo & Kanaga, Argentina)
– CONTROL (Kieran Nolan, Ireland)
– Prune (Joel McDonald(Polyculture), US)
– Mushroom11 (Untame, US)
– Cerulean Moon (nachobeard, Spain)
– Aboard The lookinglass (Henry Hoffman, UK)
– The Time Project (The Voxel Agents, Australia)
– Tetrageddon Games (Nathalie Lawhead, US)
– RETSNOM (SOMI, Republic of Korea)

All of these games will be showcased at the Out Of Index 2015 offline showcase, which will be held on July 25th at Google Campus Seoul.

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