DEV LOG #7 – Map Button Added!

Hello, my lovely fans.
I really thank you for buying and playing the game. I hope you like it.
As an one-man indie developer, it’s really difficult for me to get interest of press about my game. Since the release date, I’ve been going through tough days to promote it, but there’s no one who cares about my game only except you.
But I know that it’s just the beginning and I can make it better in the end.
Please wish me luck. I’ll do my utmost.

스크린샷 2015-08-10 오후 4.38.01Bug fixes: 

  • Set Gun shooting SFX volume down (ver. 1.13)
  • Fixed the movement in the air to be more smooth (ver. 1.13)
  • Level 15 is almost different from the previous design. There’s no more level named ‘DOTS’ but ‘SOS’. (ver. 1.13)
  • Fixed a bug related to the Music Volume control. (ver. 1.12)
  • Fixed the door in the third hidden stage. (ver. 1.12)
  • Changed a few texts on the background images(names of worlds & the functions of mirrors). (ver. 1.12)
  • Changed a map design in Level 1 that caused so many deaths. (ver. 1.11)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player respawned in dead status. (ver. 1.11)
  • Deleted one of check points in Level 5 to make it more interesting. (ver. 1.11)
  • Shooting a gun is faster than before. (ver. 1.11)
  • Fixed a few bugs related to the background music length. (ver. 1.11)

New features: 

  • Map button added. (ver. 1.14)
  • Press Shooting button to cancel the mirror effect. (ver. 1.11)
  • Tips are shown while loading scenes are on screen. (ver. 1.11)


  1. Thank you very much. Thanks to @Godivan for lots of advice.
    2. If you have any ideas or recommendations about RETSNOM, don’t hesitate to tell me. You can change the game as you wish.


After 1 year and 2 months of making my game RETSNOM, I’ve finally developed a complete package of it. So excited!!!


그리고, 두려움이 점점 더 커진다. 이 게임에 오랜 시간을 들여 담아 놓은 내 생각과 추억들이 헛되다는 평가를 받을까 불안하다. 내가 좋아하는 세계를 만들고 그곳에 사람들을 초대한다면, 그보다 기쁜 일이 없다고 생각했지만. 초대한 사람과 초대받은 사람 간의 감정은 얽히고 누군가는 실망과 상처를 받게 되겠지. 대인배인척 미사여구를 늘어뜨려 봐도 나는 변함없이 나다.

컴플렉스와 노이로제로 뭉친 유약한 성마름.

OOI 2015 showcase official selection!


RETSNOM is a part of the official selection for Out Of Index 2015 showcase!

And here’s the list of OOI 2015 games.

– Dissonance (Team Dissonance, US)
– Donut County (Ben Esposito, US)
– Synonymy (Christopher Jarvis, US)
– Not Everything is Flammable (DAM, US)
– Plug & Play (Etter Studio, Switzerland)
– Panoramical (Ramallo & Kanaga, Argentina)
– CONTROL (Kieran Nolan, Ireland)
– Prune (Joel McDonald(Polyculture), US)
– Mushroom11 (Untame, US)
– Cerulean Moon (nachobeard, Spain)
– Aboard The lookinglass (Henry Hoffman, UK)
– The Time Project (The Voxel Agents, Australia)
– Tetrageddon Games (Nathalie Lawhead, US)
– RETSNOM (SOMI, Republic of Korea)

All of these games will be showcased at the Out Of Index 2015 offline showcase, which will be held on July 25th at Google Campus Seoul.


  • Controller(PS4) integrated
  • Rearranged respawn spots
  • Removed the weight of jumping
  • No more timer

그린릿이 된 이후 얼리 액세스 참여 여부를 고민하고 있다.

게임은 90% 가량의 레벨이 디자인된 상황이지만, 혼자만의 개발과정 속에서 정작 중요한 것들은 놓치고 너무 먼길을 달려왔다는 느낌을 지울 수가 없다. 미완성작을 출시하여 수 많은 유저에게 힐난을 듣더라도 용기있게 의견을 모아야 한다는 생각이 든다. 그리고 이전보다 나아진 게임이 되어야 한다고 다짐한다.

스팀 SDK를 붙이고 개발과정에 유저들을 초대해야겠다.