Honored to be given Impact Award of IndieCade 2016 for Replica

I’ve been attending IndieCade Festival in Oct. 14-16, 2016 (Festival) Los Angeles, California.

It was one of the most “NAIVE” game festivals in the world in a good way. I really enjoyed it and it was quite an honor that I was given the “Impact Award” for my game, Replica. I was really shocked when they shouted my game’s title at the Award ceremony. I murmured but if you want to see…well…here’s the video.


I met a lot of friends and media. Especially, I had a great chance to meet and chat with a few famous game streamers from China including “Queen of Salt” and “C-kun”! They were really nice and kind to me. I hope I can meet them soon in China again if it is possible. 🙂


I know that this is really late post about the event and award. Please forgive my laziness. 😉