iOS Apps (2010-2013)


One Year Letter (2013)




“Now send a letter to the future.” 

1YL-HTML-IPHONESend your precious memories to future you, sweet promises to someone special with ONE YEAR LETTER. We will send your letters regardless of whether you and recipients are using this app on the scheduled date or not.

  • Schedule delivery date from 1 week to 1 year
  • Attach Photo or video
  • Preview the ONE YEAR LETTER someone has sent you(No subscription required)
  • Share happy memories of people reading the public letters

*** Featured on the iTunes Home Page(as Editor’s choice, Best new app, etc) in many countries ***

*** #1 Paid app (Social Networking in Japan, Korea, China, Philippines, etc) ***



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Tarot Holic (2010)



“When trying the app. out, I actually used a real problem from my life as a starting point, and let me tell you, the app. was pretty accurate.”APPSAFARI.COM


Tarot Holic is a lifestyle app where you can get different types of Tarot Card readings on your device. Tarot card readings are supposed to provide some sort of answer for you for a life question or lay out a map of sorts of your current and/or future situation.

#1 Top Paid app in South Korea(lifestyle)



screen480x480 IMG_0135 IMG_0136 IMG_0137 IMG_0148

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