The Wake: Mourning Father, Mourning Mother is the last of game developer Somi’s “Guilt Trilogy,” consisting of Replica and Legal Dungeon.

Perhaps it means my life simply boils down to this: “Everything I say is a lie.”

The Wake is a record of past wounds opened at a three-day funeral—a record of the roots of guilt, and the memories and emotions that chain together three generations of a family. The journal is encoded with a simple substitution cipher that the player must break in order to reveal the writer’s psyche and discover the contradictions that define him.

Explore a generational curse that has swallowed a man and his life.

‘더 웨이크(The Wake)’는 게임 창작자 소미가 ‘레플리카(Replica)’, ‘리갈던전(Legal Dungeon)’에 이어 ‘죄책감 3부작’의 마지막으로 선보이는 작품이다.

그래서 어쩌면 내 삶은, 이 한 문장이 전부였구나, 싶다. “내가 하는 말은 거짓말이다.”

3일간의 할아버지 장례식에서 마주치는 과거의 상처, 그리고 죄책감의 근원에 대한 기록. ‘더 웨이크’는 할아버지와 아들, 손자를 관통하는 기억과 감정을 담은 일기장이다. 일기장은 단일치환 방식의 암호화를 통해 속내를 감추고 있다. 단서들을 조합해서 암호를 해독하고 이해할 수 없었던 감정을 드러내는 과정을 통해 ‘더 웨이크’는 작자의 모순된 인생 자체를 보여준다.

그의 인생을 집어 삼킨 끔찍한 저주를 보여준다.





Developer : Somi (wingedst@gmail.com@IndieSomifacebook.com/IndieSomi)

Music Composer : Seongyi Yi

Release date : June 2020

Target Platform : Steam store (PC, Mac)

Website : SOMIgames.com

Price : USD 4.99


Somi is a leading indie game developer in Busan, South Korea.

Somi aspires to develop games that are unique, artistic and channels the vision of the developer. He thinks video games are the best art medium for him to transfer his thoughts and stories to people. He has made Rabbit Hole 3D, RETSNOM, and Replica since 2014. Replica has been a hit with critics since its release in July 2016. The game received a lot of Awards including the Impact Award from IndieCade 2016 and Honorable Mention for Excellence in Design from IGF 2017.

Recently, he received the spotlight for releasing his last game, Legal Dungeon.