SplashImage_1728_652RETSNOM is an innovative puzzle platformer game in pixel art style that allows players to alter the game environment by mirroring sections of the level and rearranging it on the fly.
You have a daughter. She is unfortunately infected by a zombie virus. The only way to save your daughter is to visit the laboratory in the future and steal the medicine that is expected to be made by your colleagues. But the future research team is hiding in the maze using mirrors. They decorated the maze using features of a mirror in each level.

Mirrors have several features.

  • 1. Mirrors seems to reflect objects left to right.
  • 2. Frost on the mirror’s surface makes image invisible.
  • 3. Concave mirrors invert the image upside down.

All of these rules are used to decorate puzzles. Players should understand the way how mirrors flip the world to solve the stages. The ability to bend the world to player’s will is a very cool gameplay mechanic, that rewards experimentation as players make their way through this rather sinister world.



KillingZombie_Level16 Title_Level0 Mirror_Level0

BrokenStairway_Level24 Plot_Scene_Level11 Cube

ChooseTheMirror UpsideDown_Level25

Download Link (including more GIF screenshots not in this page)


ICON_2048  SOMI_LOGO_WHITE SteamMain_Black SteamMain

Download Link (.zip format)


Developer : Somi, solo developer based in South Korea (,

Release date : 2016. 5. 24.(PS4), 2015. 7. 23.(Steam for Win/Mac), 2016. 10. 20.(iOS, Android, Amazon)

Platform pages : Playstation StoreSteam , iOSAndroidAmazon

Website :

Availability: Digital Download on PS4Steam, Humble Store

Price : USD 4.99

Features :

  • Minimalistic retro style level design
  • Challenging, fun gameplay
  • Rich puzzle environment with 60 stages (5 Worlds with different rules)
  • Fresh puzzles using mirrors : flipping left to right, up to down, making maps disappear, breaking mirrors
  • Mysterious and sad deep story line




I’m Somi, a game developer living in Korea, just trying to make a small unique world people want to live in. I’m developing in my spare time in between kissing my boss’s ass and looking after my little cherub.

I’ve started programming since 2009 because I wanted to make fun and meaningful softwares on my own. At first, I had worked on iOS titles, Tarot Holic(2010) and One Year Letter(2012). In 2014, I’ve seen iOS game, Super Hexagon and VVVVVV by Terry Cavanach. I was so impressed and I wanted to be like him. After that moment, I’ve started to learn how to make games.

As a solo developer, I have made the first title, Rabbit Hole 3D in 2014. And RETSNOM is my second project. In development, it took about 1 year and 3 months.

In the future, I want to be a creator. Genre doesn’t matter. I love all games, apps, novels and all creative things that have stories and rooms for imagination.

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