Write investigation reports in this EXCITING new Police simulation!

Everyone must produce results in a Meritocracy, and police are no exception. Promote officers who go above and beyond the call of duty and demote cops that don’t fill their quotas. Teams operating efficiently and economically will rise in the hierarchy, that is the ultimate Truth.

You play as a fresh graduate from a prestigious police college who was recently appointed Captain of a team at the Chungbu police station. You must review cases that were previously closed and write police reports on the investigation results before forwarding them to the prosecution. It is your job to either prosecute or exonerate the accused after first judging the details of his or her crime under the law, legal precedent, and contents from previous cases.

In this dungeon, the Petty Thief is worth only 2 points and the Murderer is a 15-point Monster. The high-scorers and team members level-up, and the low-performers are dreading negative reviews and possible termination.

As a warrior armed with the Sword of Law, you must FIGHT!



TRAILER (내가 초기 프로토타입 트레일러까지 만들다니…)




Developer : Somi (wingedst@gmail.com@IndieSomifacebook.com/IndieSomi)

Release date : Spring 2018 (Steam)

Target Platform : Steam store (PC, Mac)

Website : SOMIgames.com

Price : Not decided yet



I’m a solo indie developer based in Busan, South Korea. Although my day job has nothing to do with game development, I love to convey my ideas and views through the artistic medium of games.

Since 2014, I’ve released several small games, including Replica, a multi-award winning, point-and-click adventure where players must look for evidence of terrorism by hacking into an unknown owner’s cell phone.

Currently, I’m working on a new project called Legal Dungeon which focuses on filling out police investigation reports.


In the future, I want to be a creator. Genre doesn’t matter. I love all games, cartoons, novels and all creative things that have stories and rooms for imagination.