Dev Log #4 – I’ve added some new features.

Hello, It’s been a week since the last news update. I’ve updated DEMO build from 0.73 to 0.8, and here’s some improvements.

1. Removed the weight of jumping. You might feel more responsive than before.
2. Added more Checkpoints. You don’t need to restart from the beginning again and again.
3. Removed Timer because it means nothing.
Now, the updated version is available.

And one more thing,

For the world 5, I’ve added some new features.


I want to call it, ‘INTO THE MIRROR’ thing. You can break the mirror. It means that you can rearrange the map according to your own will, and there’s no limit at all.

Dev Log #3 – New screenshots and demo update news

Hello, everyone who follows this blog. I’m SOMI, the lazy, solo developer.
First of all, I really thank you all for your support.
And I want you to know that the development is on-going even though there’s no post about it. It’s been about 50 days since the first day of the Steam green light post. I know that it’s not easy to be greenlit, and I believe this period can make my game more polished.
I’ll keep working on it. So please, keep an eye on RETSNOM and tell your friends about it.

Here’s screenshots I’m making nowadays.

1. Level 39 in World 4 (#1)

2. Level 39 in World 4 (#2)

3. Level 47 in World 4

One more thing. The latest demo build version is 0.73. Many bugs are fixed and I bet you can feel more comfortable when you control the main character in the newest build.